About Our Office

chiropractor will work with you to get you healthy

Our Wellness Clinic provides the most comprehensive care on the planet!

We focus on finding and treating the root causes of your problems not just treating your symptoms, whether in your spine or between your ears...relax we're only kidding. Our chiropractors in Wentzville and St Charles work together with you to help you be and feel the very best that you can. We do this by utilizing up to date subjective & objective health history information, thermographic imaging, x-ray technology, precise and gentle spinal adjustments, A.R.T. (Active Release Technique), traction and muscular rehabilitation to customize a program appropriate for each individual.

Voted Best Chiropractor in St. Charles County 3 Years in a Row!

Best of Chiropractic St Charles County 2016
Best of Chiropractic St Charles County 2017
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