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At Midwest Family Wellness we provide pediatrics care all the time. Back in the day before all of the research and studies were done, it was hard for us to measure how chiropractic care could affect kid’s health. The parents would simply bring them in and we would work on helping them get one healthy visit at a time. We had no actual proof of why it worked other than the positive results that we were getting. Fortunately for us, positive results are all we need to show sometimes. It only takes fixing one or two children with pediatrics care to open the parents mind and eyes to new realm of healing. Most of these kids we see are the ones who have been stated by their medical doctors as “left behind” because the parents won’t give them drugs or the drugs are not working.

These parents came to us in a desperate state, wanting nothing more than a healthy child in Dardenne Prairie. Sometimes their child is even in pain from an auto injury they incurred with the parents and the other doctor simply doesn't know how to fix them properly. You can imagine how thankful they are when we are able to help out. The result is parents who tell a great deal of people about our work. Then those people may bring their children in to us. Before you know it, we have standing room only in our health centers.

What is Chiropractic Care for Kids Dardenne Prairie?

At our chiropractic clincis, the examination that the chiropractors do is similar to a medical pediatrics examination except we are more interested in the spines of these young people. In the cases of the very young, they are mostly cartilage, but we are able to tell many things by looking at how their nascent bones are articulating, or joining together. Problems can arise in the way that the bones fit together in persons with traumatic births, c-sections, forceps, suction and similar birthing procedures. No one is arguing that the child should be left in the uterus in these cases, we are simply saying that the procedures can be traumatic for the spinal bones of an individual who has never even experienced gravity. Our back pain doctors see this all the time where a very young adolescent is experiencing back pain and the root cause comes back to a traumatic birth. There is no at fault here. We're simply stating what is possible and what you need to do about it.

Once we have completed the pediatrics examination of the spinal bones and done a thorough birth to present health history we take time to review the information before making our recommendations. Some of the other things we consider as part of the pediatrics exam may be the presenting symptom (if any) of the current patient. We also consider the age, health history (whether it be trauma related or not) and lifestyle of the patient. These are critical components for the patient recommendations that we make. We need to know if the patient is learning football, basketball, soccer, baseball or any other sport, attending math or science camp, or helps out in the yard raking, picking up leaves, planting in the garden, cutting the grass, trimming the weeds, or with other civic groups and extracurricular activities that put different types of stress on the body and the brain.

When we have our pediatrics recommendations complete we will take the time to review them in depth with the parents and with the child. We want to make sure everyone is on the same page, excited about the pediatrics chiropractic care and knows what to expect. Only when everyone can agree on what needs to happen, how often it needs to happen, and exactly what is going to happen do we accept pediatrics patients for a course of care. Getting everything out on the table prior to starting care is critical to success.

Effective Pediatrics Care

Chiropractic adjusting of children is almost always painless and in most cases, takes less than five minutes. The adjusting can be done almost anywhere for a majority of the spinal misalignments that a child could have. There are several that are more serious and require position of the patient’s spine a certain way. If this is the case the adjustment is performed on one of our adjusting tables. All of our adjusting is done right out in the open with no requirements from the patient other than showing up. Chiropractors take many years of practice in our pediatrics adjusting techniques and submit to many years of continuing education. The result is that the adjusting looks very easy and simple. For our pediatrics care, we want it this way!


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