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Chiropractic Dardenne Prairie MO New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolution

Apples This time of year seems perfect for hanging out with friends and family and enjoying the foods that everyone brings to the table. Sharing meals together is a core human experience and one that makes for great experiences. Some of those foods will be good, some will be good for your soul. Some will…

The Hall of Spine is a new addition to our website. Over the years we have been searching for better and more objective functional outcomes for our patients. It's not enough that they are feeling better, we want them to be stronger and more resilient than they were before we met them. We also want them to have a blueprint for staying as strong and as healthy as they can now and in the future.

Hall of Spine is our love letter to what is possible. It is a snapshot of the practice and the people we have been providing care for in the last 2 decades. We have thousands of images and outcome assessments and we can't wait to start spamming the general public with them. Additionally, we are always looking for better ways to test and measure, so be on the lookout for that. AI-driven posture assessments, grip strength, pulmonary function, and stadiometry, we've got a huge assortment of ways to test your spinal health.

See you in the office for some assessments!