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Chiropractic St Charles MO Stretching

Dr. Brad: Let’s Get Specific

May 2, 2019

Dr. Brad: Let’s Get Specific My article for this week covers a few more details in regards to our most recent podcast which covered stretching.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to listen to that podcast here is the link on Stitcher: Spine Whisperer Podcast. Currently, you can also find the Spine Whisperer podcast on…

Chiropractic St Charles MO Monica

Meet Monica

April 19, 2019

Meet Monica Hi! I’m Monica and I am the Patient Educator for Midwest Family Wellness-Cottleville. I joined the team in 2013. I am also a student at Logan University working on my degree in Sports Science and Rehab so that I can better assist you on your road to health! I began my journey with…

Chiropractic St Charles MO Kimberly Douglas

Meet Kim

April 19, 2019

Meet Kim Hey everyone! My name is Kimberly Douglas and I am the Patient Educator in the Wentzville office for Midwest Family Wellness. I have been working here since 2016 and my first day as an employee was really when I started my journey with chiropractic care and I will never look back. For some…

Chiropractor Wentzville MO Brad Mawer

Meet Dr. Brad Mawer

April 18, 2019

Meet Dr. Brad Mawer Hello, this is Dr. Brad Mawer. It’s good to be back in this realm again. A few years have passed since I’ve written in a blog or been a part of our weekly e-mails we sent to patients. It will be nice to put my typing skills back to good use…

Chiropractor St Charles MO Matthew Fink

Meet Dr. Matthew Fink

April 18, 2019

Meet Dr. Matthew Fink Hi, I’m Dr. Matthew G. Fink. I’ve been in practice for 16 years. My role at Midwest Family Wellness is the main adjusting doctor at the Cottleville office while being available to fill any adjunct function at the Wentzville location. I enjoy spending time with my wife Sara and my amazing…

Chiropractor St Charles MO Joshua Fink

Meet Dr. Joshua Fink

April 18, 2019

Meet Dr. Joshua Fink Hello!  I’m Dr. Joshua Fink.  I have been practicing chiropractic for about 17 years and together with Dr. Matt and Dr. Brad we have seen over 225,000 office visits through the end of the first quarter of 2019.  If we assume an average height of 5’ 8” for these patients and…