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Welcome to the Hall of Spine!

In here you will find just a smattering of the cases we have completed over the past 20 years. Hall of Spine is our love letter to what’s possible with great chiropractic care and great patient relationships.

You do not have to live with bad posture and its debilitating effects and lifestyle disruption. Even in this post-pandemic world of horrible postures, neck humps, and terrible ergonomics, there is hope.

We plan to update this pretty regularly and once we hit maximum capacity for the site we will begin alternating cases.

All of these pictures are real. There is no CGI or any misrepresentation. The only changes we make are to the color saturation to allow ease of identification. Each of these patients has reviewed their Hall of Spine submission and has final approval.

Have a look around! Contact us today with any questions.

- The Staff & Doctors of Midwest Family Wellness

Chiropractic Dardenne Prairie MO Hall Of Spine 21

R. is a fantastic case study. She had years of pain and improper range of motion with posture issues. Her head and neck did not line up quite right and she was suffering endlessly from headaches and upper back pain. Every facet of her spine improved as her symptoms began to decrease. To date we have 'stood her up straight' for the first time in a long, long time. Where other doctors had failed, we worked with her to reclaim her spine and quality of life. These changes take time and effort, but what greater effort than on your own body.

Chiropractic Dardenne Prairie MO Hall Of Spine 20

Imagine holding a bowling ball 2 inches in front of your body all day, every day. That's what Z. was going through! He was suffering from range of motion issues, headaches and a LOT of back pain. We stabilized the spine and then worked to bring that head back on top of his shoulders and fix that slumped posture for good! He looks like a different man and we are so proud to be part of his journey!

Chiropractic Dardenne Prairie MO Hall Of Spine 19

When S. is not busy bossing us around she is out doing whatever she wants. She leads an active life and now that the 'hump around my back' has been corrected she stands up straighter and smiles brighter. She enjoys pain free posture with awesome grip strength and increased pulmonary function. Its an absolute honor to be providing care for such incredible people and we are pumped to see her doing so great!

Chiropractic Dardenne Prairie MO Hall Of Spine 18

V. is working out again, he can move more weight and he can move it pain free! Working with him to stabilize the neck and draw his shoulders back has profound implications on his overall health and flexibility! His shoulder and neck correction means it is much easier for him to do the things he loves to do without the increased risk of injury, headache, or neck pain! He looks awesome and we are proud to be part of his team!

Chiropractic Dardenne Prairie MO Hall Of Spine 17

M. is about as sweet as they come and it is a pleasure providing her with spinal care. She was having so much trouble holding her head up and couldn't even get through a game of cards. Now she regularly runs the table and can walk/hike with her husband as well as sit through Hallmark Christmas movies without any pain! We moved her head up and back on her spine where it belongs!

Chiropractic Dardenne Prairie MO Hall Of Spine 16

We get so many questions regarding the formation of 'old lady hump' or 'dowager hump.' The short answer is that yes, we can remove those things with spinal and postural correction if they are caused by improper posture. There are more than just those two causes, so we have to be very careful in our diagnosis. That is why we spend so much time with our patients and running the latest and greatest in spinal examinations. D. is an awesome patient and we are so excited to see the transformation he has undergone. Imagine losing almost 4 pounds of head weight!

Chiropractic Dardenne Prairie MO Hall Of Spine 15

Check out that fierce jaw line! So many times the changes in posture, especially in the neck and upper back can effect the way we swallow, breathe, and stand. These changes show up everywhere from our jawlines to our upper backs. Its an awesome possible side effect to correcting posture that movie star grade jawlines can show up. Massive reduction to head weight and forward head posture make this a really cool case. Plus A. is a wonderful human being and one of the best goalies around!

Chiropractic Dardenne Prairie MO Hall Of Spine 14

Sometimes we fix the neck, and sometimes we fix the whole thing top to bottom. When you compare the position of M.'s spine relative to the plumb line (green) you get an idea of how hard her body was working just to stand her up straight. With that change in body posture we can celebrate how much easier it is for her to enjoy living and doing the things she loves. Our greatest victories are when people can enjoy their lives again.

Chiropractic Dardenne Prairie MO Hall Of Spine 13

Forward head posture used to be a problem mostly for older people. As smart phones and i-pads continue to replace bigger screens even our young people are affected. B. had a case of posture change that was strongly effecting her and we were quickly able to start to fix it. So far we have moved her head back an inch and a half! Better yet, we are working with her to continue this trend and give her tools to permanently ensure that she does not end up with this debilitating trouble in her spine.

Chiropractic Dardenne Prairie MO Hall Of Spine 12

N. can quilt like the wind can blow. Over the years her forward head posture have made it difficult to pursue the things she loves. We worked with her to massively shift her head back to where it belongs and stand her up straight!! She is as productive as ever and does not have to waste an ounce of time suffering from 'old lady disease.' Its hard to get all of her positive changes into one slide. What a great case and a great human being.

Chiropractic Dardenne Prairie MO Hall Of Spine 11

Restoring proper head positioning, and fixing the unsightly scar tissue that can form at the top of the back is a very challenging objective. Working with our patients to empower them to control their spines is a HUGE tool for us. Its hard to get a better example that R. She is on an awesome spinal trajectory since starting care here. Her grip strength, range of motion and posture are absolutely interstellar.

Chiropractic Dardenne Prairie MO Hall Of Spine 10

Take a look at this specimen! The postural restoration with M. is as dramatic as it is healthy. Absolutely massive shifts in his head position and hips have reduced his effective head weight. His chronic low back and neck pain are long gone, but more than that he is in control of his body again!

Chiropractic Dardenne Prairie MO Hall Of Spine 9

J. was a very interesting case. She had pain in her low back and neck that radiated around her arms and legs. We quickly resolved the spinal restrictions to her head and neck and are working to restore proper biomechanics and posture. Removing the scar tissue at the base of her neck is really helping her range of motion and daily activities.

Chiropractic Dardenne Prairie MO Hall Of Spine

K. is a wonderful human being who presented to us with back and neck pain that was interfering with caring for her grandkids. She was also deeply concerned about her posture changes and ‘felt like I was just getting weaker.’ Now she is much stronger and her grip strength is approaching that of a 30 year old. Additionally she is ‘hump-less’ now and loves it!

Chiropractic Dardenne Prairie MO Hall Of Spine

R. felt like he was ‘just getting weaker and it hurt to hold my head up.’ A former heavy lifter he was deeply concerned that he was unable to continue to exercise at a high level. We quickly got his spine corrected and the changes to his posture reduced his active head weight by over 10 pounds! We also restored his posture by moving his head back more than an inch!

Chiropractic Dardenne Prairie MO Hall Of Spine 3

L. reported that he was ‘feeling weak and wobbly’ and it was interfering with his independent lifestyle. We immediately set out to help and while restoring his posture took his grip up an incredible 56 pounds of pressure per square inch!! He ‘stands up straighter and feels stronger than ever.’

Chiropractic Dardenne Prairie MO Hall Of Spine

D. had pain for 23 years before he showed up on our doorstep. We were able to resolve his pain in just a few visits and spent the rest of his treatment plan bulletproofing his spine and empowering him to develop control over his posture. Now he fells trees pain free and ‘feels like I’m standing 2 inches taller.’

Chiropractic Dardenne Prairie MO Hall Of Spine

B. has had a career in the trades and has the spine to show for it. With spinal correction and active rehabilitation we have managed to move both his head and his shoulders back over 1 and a half inches! The result is a substantial decrease in ‘old man posture’ and a young mans range of motion.

Chiropractic Dardenne Prairie MO Hall Of Spine

A. is one of our favorite cases. A wonderful human being with significant postural changes and a whole range of associated symptoms. To date we have moved her head back almost 2 inches and eliminated much of the scar tissue at her neck. The result is a decrease in her e ective head weight of almost 60 pounds and a wonderful posture!

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