Dr. Brad: Let's Get Specific


My article for this week covers a few more details in regards to our most recent podcast which covered stretching.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to listen to that podcast here is the link on Stitcher: Spine Whisperer Podcast. Currently, you can also find the Spine Whisperer podcast on Google Podcasts, PodBean, and there are more to come. Listening to it before reading this article would definitely be helpful, but isn’t required.  You could always go back and listen to it when you have 15 minutes free. As a brief synopsis of the first episode… myself, Dr. Josh, and Dr. Matt discussed dynamic versus static stretching including definitions, when is the best time to perform them, and a few examples from each category.  To make up for the fact that we can’t visually show you examples during the podcast, we mentioned that we’ll have sample stretching hand-outs at both our Cottleville and Wentzville locations for people to take home. These will include exercises and stretches that are important for anyone to incorporate into their daily routines. If you are someone who doesn’t stretch regularly (dynamically or statically) or do any type of postural exercises, this hand-out is absolutely where you should start.

With that said, when it comes to work-out and stretching routines, I like to make sure things are individualized and specific when possible.  So if you are someone involved in sports activities, you have a job that might as well be a sport, or you’ve actually been diligent about doing your stretching and postural exercises, but feel you’ve reached a plateau…we may need to get a little more specific.  If you are a patient of ours, this also means that you have made your way out of acute care and are physically prepared for these additions. Getting specific may necessitate a little bit of extra testing, but nothing too intense. We may need to take a look at your static posture, have you do a few dynamic movements (ex: overhead squat, plank position, etc.), and analyze your range of motion.  After gathering this information we would be able to evaluate the data and then provide you with some additional stretches and corrective exercises based upon any deficiencies we might come across. These would be geared toward improving posture, reducing the chance for future injury, improving movement patterns, and ultimately improving overall performance.

If you have questions about this information or about the podcast please make sure you let us now.

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