MidWest Family Wellness White Paper

MidWest Family Wellness White Paper

Chiropractic Dardenne Prairie MO White Paper

The exact mechanisms of osteoarthritis of the human skeleton are not well understood but are known to arise from several risk factors. Of these, joint injury, joint misalignment, and joint instability are at the top of the list. 9,7,4 The research is trending towards a low level of synovitis, or inflammation of the joint capsule as being the primary driver of osteoarthritic change.1,7,9

These changes include vertebral body deformity, disc degeneration, and bone thickening, all of which contribute to inflexibility, nerve damage, pain, muscle weakness, and spinal instability.7

Maintaining joints that are free from restriction, instability, and damage is therefore one of the most important ways to control your spinal health now and in the future.

The posture of the modern human, especially our younger humans, is under siege. Use of smartphones and computer screens encourages downward tilting of the skull and forward positioning of the head. This change in spinal posture (Forward Head Posture) has been demonstrated to affect carotid blood pressure, spinal cord pressure, lung volume, spinal arthritis and muscular pain.5,6,8 New research is also demonstrating a link to poor posture and changes in critical thinking, depression, and spinal cord inhibition.1,3,6,8

This posture is created and reinforced by improper positioning of the head and in turn, the vestibular system of the brain adopts that posture as the default spinal position (tech neck.) 3,5

Regular correction of joint interference in the spine removes the three main candidates for osteoarthritic change in the spine. Regular correction of postural imbalance due to improper head positioning can prevent the onset of and reverse the progression of forward head posture. Regular decompression of the spine and use of spinal rehabilitation can increase disc height.1 Additionally it can reduce the risk factors for disc disease, instability, and pain.2

At MidWest Family Wellness our primary work is to correct restrictions to the spine. In addition we stretch and strengthen the ligaments of the spine. Ligaments take longer to heal than tendons or muscles and can only be stretched and strengthened at very specific intervals (7 to 10 days.)7,9 We work to make incremental scheduled changes in order to maximize the healing between visits, going far beyond just being out of pain and into extreme functional improvement.

A current, evidence-based treatment plan for protection of the spine and nervous system will incorporate 1) focused, regular decompression of the spine, 2) regular assessment of the spinal joints, 3) regular tractioning of the spine, 4) a regular review of function change and improvements.

The frequency of spinal care is determined by the 1) original presenting problem or complaint and its severity, 2) occupation/lifestyle 3) significance of poor ergonomics and 4) frequency of trauma.

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