Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork

Happy Family

I recently visited a restaurant that made me look around with wonder and awe. The reason the experience was so phenomenal, was because of the amount of hard work and cohesiveness that existed between the team members. I could see how the employees worked together the entire time, from taking dishes out of each other's hands to refilling drinks at one of their coworkers tables. 

Also, they were joking around and laughing with each other during my entire visit. Like they were just there to hang out with friends… while making money as a bonus. They made it seem so normal, but in reality many places of business aren’t like this at all. I spent the majority of my visit “employee watching”, because it reminded me of how our offices work together. We might have two different locations in Wentzville and St Charles but we are one group that work together, help each other out, and joke around with each other while doing all of it.

Every employee in both of our offices work well together. Patients can see the friendship between us as we joke around and make each other laugh all while keeping the professionalism within the office that we need. Some of the roles within each of the offices are interchangeable. So, if a staff member is sick or out for an extended period of time, we as a team fill in and support each other where needed. We all tend to go out of our way to help each other out with tasks, without even thinking about it. That’s a very special thing to have in a company. What they say is true… teamwork does make the dreamwork.

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