Backpack Safety

Backpack Safety

Backpack Safety

What It Does To The Body

Chiropractic Dardenne Prairie MO Backpack Safety

  • Neck/Upper Back- Heavy backpacks create a forward trunk lean which causes a forward head posture creating neck and shoulder pain and making it difficult for muscles and ligaments to hold the body up.
  • Shoulders- Shoulders aren't made to hang things on. When a heavy load is put on kids' shoulders, joints get tight, muscles tighten down, it alters bio mechanics, and creates potential strain.
  • Low Back- A change in posture by leaning forward to compensate for the weight of the backpack can result in lower and mid back pain and muscle tightness.
  • Hips- Hips can become sore if a child is bending forward to compensate for the backward pull of their backpack.
  • Knees- Knee pain is possible because of a change in walking pattern and body posture due to an overweight backpack.


  • Material- Choose backpacks made for your age/size.
  • Close To The Body- The backpack should be close to the body with minimal space between the back and the pack itself.
  • Length- It should be the length of the torso and the bottom should be two inches below the waist.
  • Distribution- Use backpacks with multiple compartments to help distribute the weight of the contents. Pack the heavier things low and towards the back, c+ loser to the body.
  • Ratio- Backpacks should be 10-15 percent of body weight.


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