Spine Whisperer from Kim’s Perspective

Spine Whisperer

Have you listened to one of our podcasts yet? If not, you are really missing out. It’s the doctors and I talking about health-related topics. All three of our doctors in Wentzville & St Charles are.. like… ridiculously smart and hearing them speak is pure gold. They always seem to keep the audience laughing all while filling their brains with knowledge. People love them and you really need to hop on this bandwagon sooner rather than later. 

But what about me? How does little ole Kim feel about being stuck in a room every other week with these three super-smart dudes who say words she doesn't even know how to spell? Well…

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Honestly, it’s pretty fantastic. I have a special relationship with the doctors, much like older cousins banning together and picking on the smaller/weaker one. They make fun of me, pick on me, and know exactly what to do to make me feel super-duper awkward Even though they drive me crazy, I wouldn't have it any other way. It’s really how our office’s coexist together and it makes for a great podcast every time. 

The give and take atmosphere that is in the recording room tends to come out on the podcasts and people love it. Instead of just boring doctors talking about facts and case studies with this awkward women in the corner, it’s now four friends having a conversation that everyone wants to be apart of. Now, I am absolutely not as smart as them, but I bring a “normal person” perspective into the podcast and it really seems to work well together. For example, if they say something like “borborygmi”, I will dart my eyes to and fro and start asking secondary questions to figure out what that word even means. FYI… it’s a fancy word for stomach growling (who knew). 

Basically, the podcast is set up just like the rest of my normal work week and it makes for a very interesting experience each time. I smile and laugh throughout the whole thing and I think the listeners also get that same sensation from us four. It might seem like a headache for most people, but for me it’s one of the biggest highlights to my job, but don’t tell them that!

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